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Last Updated: February 25, 2014
With over a million web pages joining the internet every month, where do people go to get their website up and online? No doubt, finding the right "web hosting" company among the hundreds that are out there can be a daunting experience.

While there are many more options available today than only a few years ago, there are also many more pitfalls too. Fortunately, healthy competition and investment in new hosting technologies have created a "buyers" market for web hosting services.

Still, even many seasoned website developers have a hard time keeping up with the latest changes. The questions still remain: which web hosting solution is the best? Which is the most affordable? Which is easiest to use? We also had these questions and determined the only way to figure it out was to test them. So, we decided to test the Top 10 webhosting companies on the market right now and determine the best three choices.

With the help of over four dozen websites we tested and analyzed the ten web hosting companies against their sales pitches, using straight forward criteria: value, reliability, and ease of use. We believed that these three simple factors contributed to overall customer satisfaction.

Again, we reviewed the Top 10 hosting companies, using the following criteria:

  • Excellent Value - Did it deliver the right amount of product and service for the cost?
  • Uptime - How reliable was the service during peak periods?
  • Simple to Use - Were the services easy to use and navigate?
BlueHost Review

Rating 10/10

Excellent Value
Simple to Use

"The best all-around web host."

After reviewing the Top 10 web hosting companies, we chose Blue Host to be our Top Pick, and so did

No question about our top choice here, as Blue Host emerged as the most affordable, reliable web hosting solution. While not as well-known as the other companies, we believed we found a gem with their product and services.

Their strategy has been simple, create the most reliable web hosting servers for the most affordable price and allow customers to use them easily. The concept is simple, brilliant, and has been well executed.

For as little as $3.95 a month you have a whole range of unlimited services, including unlimited domain hosting, unlimited space, unlimited email accounts, free domain names, free site builder with templates, and free and unlimited file transfer space. In addition, you get a Google credit coupon worth $75 when starting up, which basically covers your first 9 months for free.

When first approaching Blue Host, we knew right off the top that they offered good value, but our questions delved deeper. How was their backend system? Were their hosting servers reliable? Did their servers buckle during high peak times? The answer was clear: Their reliability was top notch. When comparing the reliability and speed to others, they were no question that they deserved to be our top choice.

Our third and final criteria point was their ease of use? Was Blue Host easy to use? Did they offer a simple way to access your website and upload to the internet? The results were impressive. Blue Host created an easy to use dashboard and Control panel that was simple and easy to maneuver, even for the least experienced. The web designers created a very easy and intuitive system that allows users the ability to upload with ease.

With the time and effort we gave at researching Blue Hose, we feel very confident in recommending them for our top choice.

The Verdict: Superb value, iron-clad reliability, and very easy to use.

Rating 9.3/10

Excellent Value
Simple to Use

Highly Recommended

2. HostGator

Flirting with the number one spot and then settling into the number two position is Host Gator. We were thoroughly impressed with their overall value.

There is no doubt that HostGator delivers quite a value punch with the long list of unlimited standard services that come along with their hosting packages. We found that having unlimited bandwidth, transfer data storage, email accounts, and others were perfect for a small to medium size business or personal account.

We also wanted to focus on their reliability, which for the most part can be determined as strong. There was only one time where we discovered our websites were down in the late evening. When we called, the friendly representative was aware of the issue and had said that were performing several tests and maintenance runs. Our site was down for only 20 minutes in total. While up, website loaded fast, easily, and without a hitch.

Another a big bonus was the easy to use dashboard and control panel that we utilized. In fact, because the dashboard and control were so intuitive and easy to follow, we debated long that this might compel us to move Host Gator to the number one spot.

In the end, we decided that HostGator would be our second top choice for a web hosting solution.

Rating 8.7/10

Excellent Value
Simple to Use

Also Recommended

3. GoDaddy Hosting

We are surprised in issuing our third and final solid choice as GoDaddy. For sure, GoDaddy is among the top tiered web hosting solutions on the market today.

GoDaddy has been the industry leader for quite some time in the web hosting niche. They have expanded and grown their market share, but perhaps they lost a little of the edge as well.

While still an excellent choice, due to its constantly updated and easy to use user interface and great customer service. There were two issues that dropped it down to third.

The first is that while it offers a fair deal, many of freebies that we have been used to like unlimited data storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails, weren't offered by GoDaddy. Sure, to utilize the unlimited amount of items offered by the first two choices, you would have to have a fairly large site with many users, but we enjoyed having the option. In addition, the price was a bit higher on the spectrum.

While GoDaddy prides itself on being a very reliable hosting service we found ourselves having to call their customer information line and find out why our website was down. A simple phone call made them aware of the problem and the website was up in about a half hour.

We believe that GoDaddy remains a strong web hosting solution choice and is our third and final recommendation.

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